Musings of a Not So Old Lady

Monday, February 27, 2006

Ok All...Time for Some Posting!

Hmm... Mom has got herself a blog, and invited the kids to start posting. This could get really interesting. So when do we start posting embarrasing stories? Family tradition states that when we get together, there must vexing and harassment amongst the inhabitants of the genetic kiddie pool.

I actually thought about making a posting of that nature, but I thought better of it. Of all the @#?! that any one of us has gotten into, I for one sure have the most to lose by stirring that can of worms. Between my adventures as a child and teenager (and adult too for that matter) I stand to really get burned.

However, I would like to know what is going on with the lot of you. I have my own place to post my adventures, so why don't all y'all crack your fingers and hit the keyboard! We are spread over four states and two time zones. Here we actually have the opportunity to actually tell everyone else what is happening without having to see each other.

I say that because our family get-togethers have the potential to result in hospitalization. No offense, anyone...

So, being as some of you have kids, I would really love to see some pictures of my nieces and nephews posted here. I'd also like to hear what kind of troubles they are getting into. Uncle Rich needs some stories to tell...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

This Will Be a First For Me

Well, here I am posting to a blog. Who'd have thought! I've never thought that my opinions were anything anyone would be all that interested in. (To which my kids would say, "Nobody is, Mom.") Oh well........

I can't believe that the kid who wouldn't leave Mom to go to Kindergarten in now in Venezuela. I should have known that when he kept wandering off to see the "big trucks" at the corner gas station, that he would be a world traveler.

In other what's with the NBC coverage of the Winter Olympics? It sucks!! I've seen every curling game there is, but I have to hunt to find one or two hockey games! I'm not just interested in the US games, either.